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An ancient ceremony that was originally the sign of a binding contract between two families, tribes or Clans still plays a part in Christian ceremony but has been reduced to a very small part and is made so insignificant that it can easily be missed. From early Celtic/Nordic traditions comes the word Hand Festa which denotes the giving of the hands to seal the deal and is what became a betrothal/marriage rite and gave us ?tying the knot?. It has survived perhaps more due to expediency than anything else as after the Christianising of these Isles Clergy were few and far between in the rural areas. A Handfasting would be recognised, as was until quite recently ?jumping the broom? as a formal and legal union until it could be blessed by the appropriate authority who would be round every so often for more administrative tasks for the Kirk. It is enjoying a revival as people begin to understand how deeply personal and unique it can be.

Shamanic Marriage Ceremony, Scotland


There is no dogma attached to it and is therefore suitable for everyone, particularly those of a non-religious bent or indeed for those of what is termed alternative beliefs. At Spiral Heart we offer a unique service, written for the couple after consultation with them, taking into consideration their beliefs and their needs. Original art work for invitations, cards for vows and place settings are available.