The Tale of Bear & Wolf

Andrew and I found each other in 2007 a wee occult shop on Glasgow's High

Street, 23 Enigma was the name. I like to joke that 'he came to one of my

workshops and I kept him'.

One of the Universe's mysterious ways perhaps. Since that time we have

walked together through some interesting times. We have met with so many

amazing and lovely people who have inspired us, become teachers for us and

valued friends. We have both discovered strengths and new resources which

have made us aware of how life can be all ways beautiful and dark. If there is 

anything you would like to know about or to book us for your event get in touch.

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 Leslie Marsh

 Shamanism Scotland, Spiraling Heart

Leslie originally trained as a zoo keeper & then as a veterinary nurse and worked in that field for 35 years  in the UK, Monaco, France & Italy. Born in Lanarkshire, Leslie has always been considered a bit of a maverick, seeking out and walking her own path. Initiated and ordained into the Wolven Path in 2008,she became a Reverend Pathfinder until her journey took her in a different direction in 2012, the year of endings and new beginnings.Leslie works with people and animals in the UK, Europe and Canada. Leslie is trained as:- Master Practitioner of N.L.P & Erickson Hypnosis, Storyteller, Shamanic Healer and Teacher Reiki Healer, Dyslexia Management Counsellor & Relaxation Therapist. Though based in Scotland she Coaches privately and is a Speaks on the Power of Speaking from the Heart™

Andrew Marsh

Shamanism Scotland, Pathfinder Heart

Andrew graduated as an engineering geologist and has worked in this field for 22 years. Although born and raised in Sussex, he has been based in Scotland all his professional life and has worked throughout the UK and spent a year in Brunei. He is an avid writer and is usually to be found working on his latest novel. Andrew discovered more to life than the modern conventional way and now ploughs his own furrow. Andrew is trained as Shamanic Healer & Practitioner, Reiki Healer, N.L.P & Erickson Hypnosis Practitioner & Relaxation Therapist supporting Leslie in her work while also running his own therapy business Firefly Therapies. Together they form a complimentary team taking you on the adventure of discovering resources and talents that you forgot you knew you had. Andrew is also available for Coaching.

Rediscover your Self and bring new vitality and direction to your life. We are here to help you to help your Self.