Neuro-Linguistic Programming


When we speak we leak!   Urgh! not so cool -

it is fixable, and we are here to help

Yes, we are all ways telling everyone just what our 'stuff' is and how we see ourselves, so how do we stop leaking our stuff out to the world at large?


We are all ways able to learn and to adapt. When we understand

we can  change to make ourselves more confident & capable life

becomes filled with choices....

NLP can assist you to become - to step into your SELF choose to

live differently now and find new ways to look at life.

Milton Erickson once said, 'you have all the

resources you need you just forgot to remember that.'

Well, we are here to re-acquaint you  with your inner resources.

Call us now for help with:


Smoking/Weight cessation


Confidence issues

and all manner of other services including

Relationship Counselling


Transitional Counselling (Retirement, Redundancy, Relocations) 

To name but a few... if you are not sure if NLP can help then just call

the initial chat is free. After that sessions can be done in person or

online via Skype or by telephone.

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Change Happens, it happens All the time

naturally learn to

go with it NOW...

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