Reiki Healing, Rei - Universal Ki - energy. The Reiki practitioner is able to connect to the Universal flow of healing energy and becomes a conduit between it and the client.

A Japanese word meaning universal Life force; Reiki is a holistic and natural form of healing, which works on the mind body and spirit.

It is very subtle in its application and requires nothing more from the client than that they lay or sit quietly and relax, while the energy accesses the areas that are in need of healing.

Often the stresses and strains of everyday life produce ailments that are masking the original cause, Reiki will find the cause and will aid in the treatment of many chronic problems.

It can increase energy levels and decrease stress levels and will work well in conjunction with orthodox or other complementary treatments.

We can arrange home visits if preferable and distant healing is also available.
For more information on how Reiki may be able to help you please call or e-mail us.

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