An animistic system of belief. Some of its oldest origins date back more than 90,000 years.

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Being Shamanic in the 21st Century


So, here you are - hello by the way, nice to meet you - and you are

 thinking to yourself perhaps 'What is this all about and what on earth

can it do for me? I am not even sure I know what this Shamanic

thing is.'

Let's begin with that... Shamanism is a belief system, nothing to

do with religion - though there are religions with a Shamanic

foundation  there is no dogma attached to this system of belief that

is all about your connection to your Self, all that surrounds you,

human, animal,plant, the Earth that sustains everything and the

place of it all within the Universe - not a small thing but simple in it's


Somewhere along the line we forgot to respect the very thing that

we need for our own survival - we began to take for granted

that which is natural and in doing so exploited resources and

continue to do so today. 

The word itself comes from the Tungus people of Northern Siberia

it has a few meanings 'the one with eyes to see in the dark' (one of

my personal favourites), Healer/Teacher is a simpler way to put it

but the first that gives more the flavour of what is involved.

Riding the Spirit Horse to other realities, walking between the veils

of what is known and unknown to seek wisdom, healing

and direction the Shaman visits the three worlds for all of these


Originally,finding direction for the tribe for hunting success and

fresh water would be included - these days it still happens that way

for some cultures, ours has been unplugged from the ways of

that kind of survival though many are now returning to seek that

which is still calling to the restless Souls among us - which is where

Shamanism is still the most viable option for things that ail us when

a pill just won't do reconnecting with your Self, with your Spirit with

your Soul brings you back into connection with life, the Universe

and everything. Oh and the Spirit Horse... well that is not a drug -

it's a drum.  Respect and Gratitude - this is the way of Peace