The Telling of Stories 

"Best thing we have done. We have learned so much about ourselves! Great for healing " L.R.W. Paisley

The telling of stories is a wonderful thing, it reminds us of times long

past when we were all leaning forward on the storytelling mat or the

edge of our seats, ears, eyes open, jaw slack as we were drawn into

the lands of the Fae. Folk tales & Faerie Tales, tales of Giants and

Dwarves, tales of heroes and villains.

What was your favourite story?

Do you know that a story can heal?

A story can mend fences bring joy and tears.

A story can teach lessons long forgotten or not yet known.

A story can bring resources you forgot to remember you

had. We tell stories such as these and we tell them for all the

reasons above but most of all we tell them because they are your

story. Whether it is on the Faerie Tale Night or in the midst of a

healing your story is being written every second of your life, by you,

for you and you can edit any time you like.








This was the view from our last retreat and what a time that was. 

  Shamanic Retreat to Inchcailloch Island, Loch Lomond

In the best of storytelling traditions, we took ourselves and the Ladywell Shamanic Circle off to an island in the middle of Loch Lomond. There we pitched tents and built a fire a few yards from the beach. 

We were blessed with a beautiful night, a full moon, the eclipse and blood moon. As we were finishing the story we saw a deer just walking along the shoreline, and the owls twitted and twoo'ed us in the treetops. 

Beautiful, evocative, and just magical. We drummed to the moon and then stood in awe of what we were witnessing.

Meanwhile in other parts of the world our friend Andrew Steed was working with his circles and others too in the marriage of the Owl and the Eagle, we joined them in Spirit, aware of all the other circles doing the same thing at the same time and all that entailed.