For a more comprehensive guide to our services go to individual pages. Shortly we will be providing You tube video Q and A sessions and some demonstrations where appropriate.

For consultancy, coaching please email for more information.

We reserve the right to refuse treatment and/or to ask for parental or medical permission before proceeding with any client.


N.B These are mainly to be seen as min. If something arises from any of these treatments not part of the package then it will be charged separately. Coaching & Consultancy fees are POA




Reiki: (45mins)                         £55.00

Animal Reiki  (Up to 45mins)                   £55.00                   

Distance Healing                                      £35.00



Shamanic Journeys:


Skype/Google Chat (up to 30mins)            £60.00

Guidance Journey (Distant)                        £40.00

 healing journeys resulting from this guidance are

priced separately


 On Line Packages/Products:   

These are priced individually as each product is unique to us. See Online Product page for more details  


Shamanic Sessions:


Introduction & Connection:                      £80.00

 (other healings, journeys etc., priced separately)


Past Life Healing:*                                    £445.00


Soul Retrieval (2 sessions):*                     £850.00


Relationship Coaching: *                         £1120.00 



Past life healing includes Soul part release and


Soul Retrieval takes 2 sessions a week apart and each

session will take up to 2 hours and will include

integration and balancing journeys. A deposit of

£250 is required one week before commencement the

balance to be paid on day of first session.

Support by telephone and email will be provided during and after sessions but limited up to 3 weeks from the date of the initial session. Soul Retrieval and Past Life healing require contractual agreements between the Seeker and the Soul Parts involved. The keeping of these contracts is ultimately the Seeker's responsibility. Deposits are non-transferable/returnable. No refunds if sessions and support discontinued for any reason. The client is ultimately responsible for keeping to the arrangement. Appointments may be rearranged within the 3 week period, however if the client fails to keep an appointment without notice for any of the packages by Spiral Heart Healing Centre LTD the client will forfeit the whole of the cost.


Payments made via PayPal will inc. 5%

charge to cover costs

Payments can also be made by card via WorldPay.