Here are some testimonials from people who have come to our

Journey/Storytelling Circles or Therapy

"As a lover of Faerie stories and myths, I've been to a few of the journey
circles run by Spiral Heart and loved them all. There is something powerful about a circle, a story and a group open to letting their imagination go where it will to allow insight that can heal, or change how you think or feel about something.
It's not the retelling of a story - though they are both master storytellers - it's where you go with them as they tell the story, if you are brave enough to close your eyes, breathe to the rhythm of the drums and let go.
Just do it."

C.J.  Ayrshire

"During those times when life can be trying, difficult and stressful being able to escape into the world of stories with Leslie and Andrew has given me that gentle helping hand to stop for breath, regain a sense of perspective, to discover a little more about the stories and myself but most of all it has brought me real feeling of peace and well-being."

A.W. Glasgow


"I highly recommend Bear and Wolf's journey circles. Each circle is a voyage of self discovery and is also helping me find my place in the universe. The fact that everyone I've met in the circles has been lovely too makes these events very special."


"I've been going to the journey circles as I want to explore my spirituality. I've been learning a lot thanks to Leslie and Andrew who are lovely people and wonderful teachers". 

D & D.S. East Kilbride



"I found spiral heart when I was in need of a soul tribe and now I have one. Andrew and Leslie are so warm and have taught me so many important lessons through fairy tales, shamanism and one to one healing sessions. The group sessions are an amazing opportunity for like minded people to share healing and wisdom in a safe and supportive environment. I cannot recommend them highly enough".

M.W. Glasgow


"I attended my 1st journey circle in November last year (2015) having known about them for a number of years but being wary of what was involved. (I had visions of getting trapped in the 'underworld' and being 'scared witless')

Still apprehensive of what I was in store for, I went along to Leslie & Andrew's circle in Shawlands, meeting some lovely people who together offered me some reassurance of what I could expect. I was completely blown away with the experience and have become an advocate for these events.

I also attended a 'Faerie Tales' and wondered how 'Cinderella' could impact on me, again I was taken aback, to think that the tales we've been getting told since childhood, hold wonderful metaphors to help our subconscious speak to us. Highly recommend Leslie and Andrew's services."

A.C. Glasgow