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Turn on Tune in…

Turn on, tune in – the two things we have to do for ourselves. Our receptors have been getting re-tuned to whichever wavelength the adults, peer groups we are in sway to, have been dialling. We have to get control of the switch again.

Is that what teenage rebellion is about? Is that what he ‘mid-life crisis is about?

We end up doing things for so many people who are actually enslaving us – indoctrinating us, so that we shall continue the same life/lifestyle choices that they too were indoctrinated into. How can we dare to be other than that which is the norm, the known, we should know our place and we are consistently told what that place is.

The key to freedom is CHOICE!

Very few people, particularly young people understand ‘choice’.

For children their whole world is as big as their parents (and hopefully, extended family) will themselves allow/ understand if they are wounded – wings clipped (see any Jeremy Kyle programme) then they have only the emotional stultification of anger and frustration that spirals into the BLACK HOLE that is depression and Soul loss. Few manage to escape, but they do.

Something, someone, somewhere touches their Soul; lights up a small corner of their imaginations. They get a taste, a flavour of a different way of being. Of these few some will not sustain – that old Daemon of ‘Who do you think you are?’ Again, ‘know your place and keep it’, and the most potent and debilitating of all, ‘It’s your DUTY to do this for me after all I have done for you’.

We download the guilt app very early in life, possibly while still in the womb.

But, what of the contract? The Soul contract! That thing that some might call Karma: where does it come into the equation? Everything in the Universe has to balance, perhaps that is the reason we seem to be in constant flux.

We are not yet balanced.

While we fight, and debate, and deny and debunk; we keep ourselves from getting to the point of it all. We procrastinate through the minefields of other’s beliefs that we have taken on as our own.

Dogma doesn’t work. It doesn’t flow, and if it doesn’t flow it has no life, no – balance.

We must re-tune to the wavelength that is ours and ours alone – reach the home services in order to get the message we left for ourselves.

Dec 2nd 2016

This is transitional work, how we go about it and what we are doing with others in our Karmic group depends on the choices we make.

If we don’t understand that we have choice at all; if we don’t get the memo about how wonderful we are and we are browbeaten by other’s wounds then we have little chance of healing our own wounds and in that manner of ipso facto holding other’s back from healing theirs.

We really like to hoard wounds it seems.

We take from our Father’s and Mother’s yes probably to the seventh generation those wounds and we carry them life after life, allowing them to enslave us to the notion of ‘not enough’, that dis-ease of ‘being less than’.

Fundamentally we choose to be just that. We choose to serve that Daemon of non-entity – why?

I know it’s like catching lightening in a bottle.

Belief is like that – it stretches beyond our ken most of the time.

Our only reference is what someone else tells you it means and that might not even be what it means to them, they are only telling you what they were told and are too fearful to question it.

Alberto Villoldo speaks of ‘imprints’ and the tracking of them through the auric field to see which chakra they are attached to – which are not surprising for most manifestations of ‘wounding’ though some may well be presenting as one when they are in fact blocked farther down.

Ancestral Threads again this fits with the prophesising of the seven generations in the bible.

How do we find our own true selves then?

Myself, I have wondered and wandered and come to understand that the vocalising of one’s needs, wants is not just about stamping our feet and whining, it is about singing our Soul’s songs. I have a voice, as do you. It doesn’t have to be a beautiful voice, dulcet toned or velvet smooth; it just has to be an honest voice. My voice, my view, my truth, my Self. That will be enough, for surely being true to oneself makes the voice beautiful as it is uniquely one’s own.

As our friend Andrew Steed often says, ‘we are all singers and we own our own voices, we have our own songs’.  Only we can sing our truths – perhaps this is why the lone Wolf sings to the moon laden night sky, praying his truth so the others know his story and do they join him in harmony, rejoicing at the diamond light stars as they appear on their journey across space and time? Do they recognise the changing constellations? Do those constellations hear those Soul songs and hold them sacred in the breast of the Universe?

Do the Bears dream, asleep in their dens in the deep mid-winter as the Mother Bears take themselves into the womb of the earth as their own constellation Ursa Major & minor follow each other across the late Autumn skies?

Deep in the earth are they singing their own truths too?  

We are the result of the songs we sing.

We are the writers and the editors of our story – our Self claims space within and holds the Soul song waiting for us to clear our throats, raise our faces to the skies and send out that prayer to the Ubiquitous Universe.



Well, it has been a while in the making, but, we have new space to work in and it is in Shawlands, Glasgow.
Which means that we shall be starting up not one but two new journey circles to add to the Faerie Tale night that will continue at Ladywell Crystals & Healing at High Street, Glasgow, as will the Shaman's Clinic on the last Saturday of the month, excepting this year of course because that is Christmas.
Leaping Hare

The Leaping Hare Journey Circle will be on the 3rd Tuesday of the month and the first will be on the 15th of December.
The second circle will be on the 1st Tuesday of the month kicking of the 5th January and that will be 'The Moon Bear's Dreaming Circle.
These are journey circles and are open to beginners, however due to the limited space we have we cannot take more than 9 people on any one night at the moment. So booking is a must. We are setting up a Facebook page for  the journey circles, until then look out for events on the Spiral Heart Healing page or you can book by email - you can pay via paypal too - the journey circles are £15 per person per night.
Please book and if you cannot come please let us know as soon as possible as we have people on the waiting list.
All you need to bring is a blanket, water, note pad & pen. We start at 7pm - hope to see you soon.

Seona and the Water Horse

A salutary tale of the 'tween times that are youth, the shoreline and dusk.

Going to Grandma’s...

Well, it is just about that time again. The Winter’s grip is loosening and though the Hoare frost is still white diamond sharp in the early morn the sun is growing daily stronger and reaching higher in the sky with each passing day.

The girl is making ready to travel out into the forest with the provender that her Mother has been painstakingly making and baking. 

Grandma left for her house at the other side of the Forest just as the snows were breaking and the nights were still lingering in the dawn skies. She had waited to be home long enough she had told them. Their house was fine and warm for the winter months but she had a garden to tend and her own house to keep. She had been busy herself making the cloak for the girl, the one she was now big enough to wear.

The long nights by the fire Grandma had first carded wool then spun, then wove until when satisfied she had clipped cloth and sewn this garment to be ready for the first journey of spring.

The girl brought broth, kept logs for the fire ready and fed the fire, all along with the other chores she had in the day time; there was always something to do, to clean to feed to kill to cook. The evenings her Mother would sit at the other side of the fire and would be working on her own tasks. Grandma though, Grandma was making this one thing for her and it was accepted that this was to be her time to be with Grandma.  As she worked the girl watched, listened and learned not just about the making of this one thing but of the making of her.

Grandma with each task would tell a story, for did the girl not understand there was a story for everything and everyone and the telling of it would make for knowing and understanding the way of the world?  As the story became woven into the cloth on the loom the Mother smiled, remembering her own time and her own cloak.

The story, which like most was not just one story but many, for it was told to and by many before her lasted as long as it took to make the finished item.

There were times the girl would fall asleep at the Grandmother’s feet but still the tale was told until the last flicker of candlelight or the last ember died.

Grandma was away at first light the very morning of the last stitch and the last cut of thread.

She had taken herself and the animals that she had brought to winter with her daughter and family back into the Forest. She had gone home.

Now with the sun shining and the buds of spring burgeoning out from the ever warming ground, all different and vibrant colours returning to the world and the Forest was wakening up beginning to show off its new mantle, its own cloak of green hue and bluebells, crocuses and daffodil at the hems.

So almost ready, her Mother seems this morning a little sad somehow. Her smile does not reach fully to the eyes regarding her daughter as she packs the picnic basket the girl will carry for herself, for the journey through to the cottage is a full day’s walk.

The girl notices all of this, but in no way thinks there is anything to cause worry. It is a beautiful morning and she is going out on her own, for the first time she is getting to go to Grandma’s house by herself.

She is singing and chatting away about what she might see in the Forest and how many different flowers there will be, she has been that way before but never alone and she is a big girl now.

Her mother sighs and takes down the cloak from the shelf.

Yes, she thought, she is a big girl now, big enough to make the journey through the Forest, big enough to wear the red cloak which shall only be truly hers at the end of this day.

She hopes her daughter has listened well and that all she has heard will take form in its time and place.

“Little girl, my only daughter, take care to stay on the path. Remember all that you have been taught. Think on how time can run away like the fog at the end of a sunbeam. Be strong and listen to your heart.’

The girl regards her mother, and says ‘I know the path; I know the creatures of the Forest too. I have listened to Grandma I know the Wolf lives in the Forest, do we not hear him sing in the night?

We all must go through the Forest sometime, you did Mother and now so shall I.’

‘Yes, child I did,’ her Mother smiles and takes the cloak, crimson red and hooded and places it around her daughters shoulders, ‘That I did,’ her eyes glance up to a darkened corner of the room where hangs another crimson cloak, ‘ And you know I met a Wolf that day........’






Who or what ‘pushes your buttons’?

So what’s that all about then? A simple enough question but one that can often be heard in the aftermath of a less than totally cool exhibition of behaviour brought on by a catalyst possibly something as simple as a spider or a bee.


The ‘trigger’ as when situated on a weapon like a gun, once pulled has an inevitable outcome, and it is also that fast.


So how do we install these triggers?


The brain loves a strategy; it is a massive circuit board and its only purpose in life is to find things that light it up like a Christmas tree.


This is the purpose of curiosity it keeps the brain firing up those circuit boards and it is our job when there is a less than supportive behaviour being triggered by external events or the stimulation on a limiting belief, to switch the signals, detour the train of thought to another area, lighting up a whole new part of the circuit board and giving the client a new way of dealing with an old problem.


You can see this happening everyday. There is someone in your life, you only have to hear their name and you respond with a big sigh and immediately your brow furrows and the whole day becomes grey, alternatively it could be the name of someone who immediately makes you smile and feel expansive and in love with the world.


The trigger is not the name or the person it’s the synaesthesia that occurs due to the associations you have with this person.

It is also the thing that makes you shriek when you see a mouse, or a spider or a wasp.


Learned behaviour that can be unlearned, now where would that come in handy?





The ‘Big Picture’, you know that one, yes?  All the time people say to you “Look at the Big Picture”, usually just before they try to sell you something, be it a car, a house, or an idea.


So, this ‘Big Picture’ aka ‘The Grand Design’, this thing that we are all a part of and is supposedly therefore a part of us; would be the Universe, right?


Now it seems to me, just sitting here, actually I was lying in bed contemplating getting up after a night of my usual weird and wonderful dreams –(of which this could be the result by the way…)- when this thought of the sum of the parts being greater than the whole, that’s been circling the drain of my brain for a while now, got caught up on the safety filter and got re-cycled; so here I sit at this laptop regurgitating it for public consumption, what a pleasant metaphor – I do hope you have eaten already?


Anyway, I digress, my favourite hobby. To get back to these parts, well those would be us then.  Simple enough concepts on the surface; but as we all know nothing is that simple – just ask the guy who designed the Titanic!

I’ll bet he wasn’t too clear on the ‘Big Picture’ in that perhaps he didn’t take a clear perspective on what his design was going to be doing and where it would be doing it, after all the design in itself was flawless, according to him, the designer, perhaps if he had consulted someone who had been in the waters he may have been able to describe hazards such as icebergs that go with the flow causing chaos wherever they go, who knows?


Again, it reminds me of that little tale in one of the English books at primary, do you remember them? They would have a host of wonderful information like what a baby eel was called and interspersed between all this information on verbs and clauses there would be a little homily where everything would be put together. There was one in particular that tickled me; I had no idea at the time why, it was the way it scanned it read like a horse at the canter; I now know it was possibly my first light bulb experience on my way to discovering chaos theory.


It was an anonymous author and it was about how the simple act of losing a nail from a horseshoe lost a battle. I think it may have been about Paul Revere but don’t hold me to that.   Suffice to say if you don’t know the piece that this bloke was given a message to take to a general he went to jump on the horse and noticed that the horse’s shoe was loose, but he was in a hurry and it was a very important message so he ignored it, ran the horse like a madman, the horse lost the shoe, they were in the middle of nowhere and the horse couldn’t go on without a shoe so the message didn’t get there and the battle was lost and therefore the war was lost – all for the want of securing one little nail.

Taking this into consideration, just think of the power that one man had to change the course of history.


Are you getting it now?


I have this friend, who works hard and is depressed most of the time, he’s not happy! I asked him what he wanted to do about it. He asked me what I meant, like he had no control over his own state of mind, and you know he doesn’t know that he has.


Or, he really doesn’t want to know – and I think that is the crux of the matter, for if we know, then we have to take some responsibility for it, we have to be at cause!


He is right, being at cause is hard work, taking responsibility for how you choose to use the power you have been given to change things takes guts. Generally, we human beings don’t like change so much, we like to swim in our soup – bathe in our custard of trial and tribulations – that is what we know and we are all wary of what we don’t know.  So we wallow in our comfort zones, envying the people who step out and get dry: craving the will to go forward and do it for ourselves but feeling the cold draught of a different atmosphere we sink right back into our ‘stuff’. It’s so much easier to give the power away, and then blame circumstances for your lot.


Don’t get me wrong, we all do it, even those of us who have the towel on and are eying the door to the next room…we have to empty the bath you see, and that means that we have to put part of ourselves into it again to connect to the chain that holds the plug in order to pull it out and let all that stuff go; it’s tempting to linger there in a memory but it’s not a memory it’s an emotion that clouds the memory, that is the sticky part, it’s a bigger state than Texas and I don’t mean Alaska! Keeping the mind on the ball is one thing and it is the easiest thing if you always remember what the ball is actually for, its goal in life is to get into goal, and all you have to do is help it on its way.


It sounds so simple doesn’t it, but it is that simple, note, I did not say easy. If it were totally easy we’d all be quite happy being and doing and the World would be full of contented and forward thinking individuals who would most definitely be more than the sum of its whole.


Everything we do each day either keeps us where we are or moves us forward.  I have a little anxiety attack kind of thing when I move forward, that is when I know I have, my unconscious mind tells me be making me aware of a weight being shifted from around my heart. It’s doesn’t make me feel wonderful immediately, but I recognise that I’ve just stepped out of a comfort zone and into new territory; by doing as little as writing this and posting it on the net, or talking to a stranger who I know can help me but I’m less than totally confident won’t see me as a right twit.

It’s then I remember a story told to me by an old boyfriend the end of which is ‘if they know you it won’t matter – if they don’t know you, well, it really doesn’t matter.  As long as you are being who you are. Who you know you can be. Every day can be a good day, you have the power to make it so.

Is the sum of your parts greater than your being as a whole? Do you colour your area of the ‘Big Picture’, or do you give the brush to some other? Do you think the whole of your being is greater than the sum of your parts?

It’s just a matter of Balance. Pick up the brush, it’s your canvas, paint your picture bright, and see what happens…







Day Dreaming your life a – way…..



There is a theory about daydreaming. Let’s face it there is more than just the one! 

My school report card was full of how much of a day dreamer I was in so many of my classes that it was a wonder there was any room left for anything else. Much to my chagrin this would be changed to “must try harder”, but daydreaming is something that you don’t have to try to do.

All of the adults in my life and some of my peers would be very upset with me for not being present while in their presence. It wasn’t as if there was a problem from my point of view, I would just get to a space where the words of the teacher, parent, sibling, friend or whomever would become a drone and life would become very still and quiet because I have a volume control inside my head and it would be slowly but irrevocably turned down to silence…………………..


The premise that I am stating here is that at that time – in days of yore there was no recognition that actually there was something I was good at. Their focus was on their criteria, mine was on my own; it was deemed inappropriate behaviour and ever so slightly arrogant that I should consider myself able to go into the dwam, trance or whatever they wanted to call it. Personally I believe that they were a bit envious of my ability to switch off.

That what I was doing was not recognised as a positive is really not surprising – even today teachers are teaching with the same criteria as before and their criteria now has criteria from the Government as to how they should be teaching and what targets they should be reaching.  Still they forget that a class of pupils is made of individual people. Some of whom have no idea what it going on as their method of learning is entirely different from the person they are sitting next to.


What happens when the brain is not being stimulated to learn? What happens when the inspirational button is not pushed? What happens when a child is left to flick between channels and not engaged by another human who can stimulate and inspire and motivate?


Look around you, how many children and teenagers and young adults are sitting in front of a box, playing monotonous games of destruction in order to get to a different level.


If we only stimulate one part of the brain then we lose the functional ability of the others. We switch it off. We don’t daydream anymore we go on stand-by.

White noise, the noise when the signal is not tuned in, the brain is constantly looking for a signal and at one point it will get hungry enough to latch onto the first strong signal it finds. So is this why some young people get into the wrong company, take drugs, seek authority figures by accessing a machine, since a machine has been a baby sitter and a trusted one at that; why should they not?


Stand-by on a computer or a television is when the machine is waiting to be fully turned on.


What is it that turns our nearest and dearest on – in respect of the choices they will make?


At what point do we realise the soporific effect of the box in the room whether it is a television or computer? At what point do we realise that time is being stolen from us?


At what point do we sit down and think that we are not day dreaming anymore we are on stand-by, ultimately at the mercy of a remote control?


Day dreaming is a useful tool – ask any creative genius. Einstein was a day dreamer and he dreamed up E=MC2.

Day dreaming can also be re-learned, not taught exactly – too restrictive and in some cases one persons’ day dream is another’s ennui, and it is an entirely personal thing.


Being able to ‘go with the flow’ is something that has even more relevance in the world today. Stress relief. People who are stressed have rarely any kind of good sleep patterns and if we don’t dream we become mentally challenged in different ways; allowing someone to daydream could be the way back to getting a hold on their lives – the Universe is full of such paradoxical games.


Like everything else that we dismiss as unimportant until we understand why we needed it in the first place; the ability and the need to dream is all too easily lost in the white noise of stand-by until we eventually experience burn out.


So get yourself a bit of space and make time to day dream – see where it takes you – write it down afterwards or even record it and read / listen to it again after a couple of days. Notice how you feel directly afterwards. Notice how it felt during and then realise that you were in a trance and then wonder what else you could do in that space, without some Genghis Khan in twin set and pearls bearing down upon you to bellow in your ear to wake up and pay attention.

But that is another tale for another day…

The 2nd Shamanic Conference in Canada

Well now it is a little while since we got back from Canada and we are still a little jet lagged.

Isn’t it amazing though how time distorts itself when we return from holidays? Not two hours after we touched down at Gatwick Airport did it seem like we had dreamt the whole thing.

The vastness of that country is breathtakingly beautiful and not a little bit intimidating when you remember that there are bears in them there woods!

Not just in the woods though, on the roadside, crossing the roads and sometimes to be found tasting the spaghetti sauce on the hob in the odd unsuspecting person’s kitchen.

Being ‘bear aware’ is a fact of life for those who live there but for us it was a constant ambition…to see a bear close up – then we would think about it and tell ourselves that well it might not be that entertaining – not really…while secretly still nursing that wish in our hearts.

Bears are just magnificent animals and to see them in their natural habitat beats the zoo hands down. It does of course bring a whole new set of do’s and don’ts into our conscious awareness.

Bears aside we arrived due to the time difference about half an hour before we took off…you see it’s no wonder it takes on a kind of dream feeling!

Brilliant sunshine for our first couple of days and then we went up to the conference site in Squamish which is very much First Nation territory.

Last time we were there it was November and the bears were just about all asleep, the salmon were finishing their run and the Bald Eagles were massing together to mate and feed on the dying salmon, there was snow on the mountain tops and the Winter Olympics were about to take place, there was a sense of anticipation and not a little worry in Whistler when the weather decided not to play ball and there was not enough snow.

This time in the spring, the bears are wakening up with their cubs and peeking out of their dens testing the air before emerging fully to go find something to eat.

It rained a little during the conference but our spirits could not be dampened, meeting old friends and making new ones. Wondering what would be going on this year and what workshops would be the ones we took ‘home’ with us. The usual thing, I think that anyone goes through at these things no matter what they are for.

This was a bit special for me though, I was being made an Elder Pathfinder.

Which by itself is interesting enough, but it now makes my title a bit longer. Reverend Elder Pathfinder Shaman… and comes with optional tattoos.

If you are interested to see what went on then check out there will be videos of us telling you about our presentation and some great photos of the conference itself.

Needless to say I could probably write a book about our time there but that is for another day and another place.

Pictures will go into the gallery page very soon too.

Farewell for now





Change, Creating Creativity, Creatively

 Now there is a lot to be said about change, and for the most part a lot of people would say that none of it is good. I was one of those a while ago. I hated change.

I hated it mainly because it brought chaos into my carefully controlled and safe life.

 I hated it because I feared it.

Then I began to learn, and in that learning I became acquainted with a new idea about change.  I learned that fear was a magnifying glass of Hubble type properties. I learned that perspective would turn that glass on its ass.

I learned that change brought new and interesting concepts into my conscious awareness and that would manifest physical changes in my life.

I learned to let go.

I began to know how stultifying and rigid fear can make ones life, once that knowing was there in my mind, like a seed it grew and grew. To nurture that seed I fed it on new ideas and different ways of thinking.

It began to bear fruit in the form of choices.

More choices than I had ever anticipated, opportunities to consider where none had been before. New paths to discover and new ways of being in this life, were options that had never been even a blip on my radar before were foisting their presence upon me.

How did this all happen?

One day I made a decision. It was something that had been gnawing at me for some time. I had procrastinated for years in fact and had become totally stuck in a situation that was not serving me or anyone around me.

The decision was taken in a high energy situation. My back, as I perceived it, was against the wall and I came out fighting.

Really it was Spirit, giving me the one thing that would make me move, an untenable Hobson’s choice. Stay and be forever unfullfilled and unappreciated or leave and change my life.

My unconscious mind made an instant decision and before my conscious mind could rally I had given my resignation verbally.

It was in hindsight the best thing I think, I have ever done.

From that day my life did change and it was a little scary, in fact sometimes it was massively scary but I persevered.

Since then I have learned a lot more about my wonderful unconscious mind.

I am now in daily and nightly connection with this omnipresent beastie that has only my best interest at heart.

All the things I used to tell myself that I was really not that good at, I find that actually I am. My unconscious has a font of untapped ideas and inspirations that I find bring me joy and many pleasant surprises.

Recently I have begun to draw and paint again. Finding things in nature like stones and wood to paint power animals on.

Talking sticks which are coming from Spirit which has a direct connection to my unconscious so that in a trance I can produce some quite intriguing things on natural media.

My writing has become more prolific and the formation of workshops more adventurous. All these changes and more have opened up the creative side of me, giving me outlets a plenty to choose from.

Yes, sometimes it is chaos, but even chaos has its own order you just have to look at it differently.

 Milton Erickson (another change mechanic, really that should read magician) would say that what I was doing was realising that these were things I already knew I just didn’t know I knew them yet.

So now there is also soap making and bath bomb fizzies and all manner of things that pique my interest as I wonder, and it is a good thing to wonder, how much I might enjoy learning to do or make them.

Change is good, it happens all the time. That being so, is it not easier and better to go with the flow and let it take you to new and wonderful places?

All there is to fear is fear itself, it has no power but for that which we give it.

Remember all the things you thought you might try before you learned to talk yourself out of it. Remember what it felt like to hurtle down a hillside on a hub cap in the snow? How free and crazily silly it was and how much fun? Fear didn’t enter into it.

What changes would you like to make? How would you know you had what you wanted? How would you be being different? Write it down, play with it, see how it sits with you and if you want some help trying it on for size give us a call or email us here.






How things change… the Universe has an interesting challenge

How things change…


Well as the saying goes, “There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip”.

There we were all excited and shiny about the prospect of going to see Serge Kahili King at his last workshop to be given in Europe.


Then we had a bit of a glitch.


In Shamanic teaching there is an awful lot about the challenges and tasks that the Shaman is given in life.


One of these challenges is to move forward through difficult times.


There are many of these for everyone at this time…perhaps it is the Universe giving us a heads up as to how we should perceive our stewardship of ourselves, our families, our friends and neighbours and the Earth that sustains all this, who knows?


This entry is not really about generalisations, this is about part of our challenge.


During the planning and determined ‘we shall go to the workshop come hell or high watering’s’ there was something that we chose to not take into account.


What the Universe had in store for us.


For me it was the diagnosis of cancer of the uterus and for Andrew it was helping me and him to deal with that and all the other real life intrusions of recession and his own depression and stress.


We had to write to the organisers of the event and explained the situation and they were truly kind about the whole thing and in typical fashion of the Shamanic community offered their thoughts and prayers for us both.


One night shortly afterwards I had a dream (as one does). It was a bit flighty at first and there were references to the James Bond film he did in Japan; which my, oh my I am realising a connection now that I write this and why the scene was there. The film was of course ‘You only live twice’. Then of course there is the lyric of the song…‘one life for yourself and one for your dreams.’


Back to the dream then….

In a car with Mr Connery and the Japanese agent ‘Tiger’ travelling at speed, Andrew and I agog at where we were, but listening intently to the conversation, which was in Japanese? I remember being struck by the fact that ‘Tiger’ was in full Japanese traditional dress, and very striking it was too.

The car journey ended as we skewed to a stop by a dock where there was moored a large ‘Chinese Junk’ type boat, (very cross cultural but hey it is a dream and anything is possible).

We tumbled out of the car and followed 007 and Tiger onto the boat. There were others there and no sooner had we boarded than the two agents went to the back of the vessel, Tiger removed his Katana sword and struck it into the frame of the boat and proceeded to jump off! Without as much as a questioning glance everyone else followed suit.

Well, in for a penny and all that – we jumped too.

One would expect a splash at least and lots of noise but not a drip, not a whisper.

We slipped into silken water so sheer that the softest white sand below shone in the light of a rising full moon. The water was just deep enough and just warm enough for us to lie comfortably on our backs immersed to our chins. I could hear and feel the lapping of the wavelets against my body and the shore line just beyond my head.

We lay there watching the deepest blue violet sky change to azure, orange and red ribbons of light dancing reflections in the waves from the sun as it sank slowly into the sea giving up its fire to the now risen moon.

We became aware of a figure behind us and as one we turned to see a girl her grass skirt swaying as the light breeze of dusk played over it and the water making her a part of the waves as they danced their own way to the place between land and sea where she was the connection. We rose one by one and saw that she was honouring the sea and the Sun and the Moon, hands held together to form a cup, in front of her raised to the sky, then palms brought together down to her heart.

We all followed her lead and when done with our thanks we left without saying a word.

I awoke in the dawn and I felt a wonderful peace around me and within me. I felt a great healing energy and I know that one day I will go there with Andrew and we will lie in that water and we will be being thankful.

I wrote to the organiser of the workshop and told him of the dream, we both remarked at the simplicity and wonder of it coming at this time.


Read more about our journey with cancer on Andrew’s blog

and to donate to Macmillan cancer support

Off to see the Wizard....

So, there I am going through the emails and I find this one that somehow got lost in the scrummage. It's from our lovely Sarah (Sarah Howcroft Shamanism-Wales) our Celebrant Supreme.

Anyways, she has sent information on a workshop that will take place in London in May. I'm perusing calmly until I see who the workshop is going to be run by...

None other than the Urban Shaman himself, Serge Kahili King.

Now I'm having one of those Universe type Duh! moments.

Inside my brain there are various pieces of jigsaw clicking into place. Do you have those moments, of course you do it's like when Vincent D'onofrio gets it in Criminal Intent or when you realise you have suddenly made the connection that makes everything else make sense.

The Greek guy had one once, went about hurling the word Eurika about.  Got it? Yes right that one.

All the time I'm thinking to myself, how can we do this? Can we do this? We can do this...

It's all got to do with NLP strangely, or not so strangely really, not if you are into the wonderous connectivity of the Universe.

About 5 years ago, at least that long... I was sitting in a room with Jane, (NLP trainer extraordinaire) and she mentioned something about Huna Shamanism which of course made me prick up my ears and pay attention with all my faculties!

She talked about this guy Serge Kahili King and how Huna ( the Hawaiian Shamanic way of life) was about being connected to the Universe in such a way that they had been known for the Kahuna (yes it really is a title as in the Big Kahuna) of the islands to get together and change the course of Tornado's away from the islands.

It is a recorded phenomenon I am assured. But more importantly I can see how it could be true. That is why I'm off to see the Wizard and I'm going to learn about the Universe and how to be connected.

While the Walkabout Warrior is on Walkabout - some thoughts on NLP

NLP, Forensic Evidence of Language Patterns



Any self-respecting crime scene boffin can tell you about evidence, evidence is the clue; the stuff that leads to the motive and modus operandi of the criminal mind.


Not only does physical evidence reveal a crime, the spoken word is also a great giver of clues.


Let’s face it, the language patterns of our clients are very telling, and NLP is the box full of magic equipment to uncover the clues left behind and bring to light the perpetrators dastardly deeds.


For all of the, less than totally positive states our client present to us, there’s a requisite and profound solution.


The difference between our ‘s.o.c.o’ counterparts and us is that the scene of crime comes to our doorstep looking for the NLP practitioner to solve the crime and like a super hero – make their world a better place for the future. How do we do that?


Beginning at the end: by knowing our outcome and defining it in advance we are more likely to achieve what we’ve set out to do.


Taking action, neuro linguistic programming is not a spectator sport, without action there can be no result.


Using sensory acuity, what do you see? What do your senses tell you? Use the information wisely.


Having behavioural flexibility, compound this with the sensory acuity to achieve success. Super hero crime fighters are always willing to do whatever it takes.


A totally resourceful state is a must! Physiology and psychology of excellence will empower you.


Using these principals, particularly the first three, the Three Pillars of NLP results in a resounding ‘case closed’.

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